Download OST Fairy Tail Lengkap

Download OST Fairy Tail Lengkap

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The Story in fairy tail is amusing, but there indeed is not very much plot going on here. Most of the things happening seems rather random. But the story is set up on a group of people in a mage guild named Fairy Tail, where the series main topic probably is friendship between them. With at story like this, not having any special plot actually works. Instead of plot, we have fun and interesting small arcs all the time, which never makes Fairy Tail boring! And we all have to remember that Fairy Tail is still on-going, and there is lot of unanswered questions yet to figure out, so it is possible for a deeper plot to pop up in the end! (MyuuMyuu@maL)
Opening Theme: OVA
1. "Eternal Fellows" by Natsu [Download]
2. "Blow Away" by Natsu (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) & Gray (CV: Yuuichi Nakamura)Ending Theme: OVA
1. "Nichijou Sanka ~This Place~" by Lucy [Download]
2: "Happy Tale" by Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano), Erza (CV: Sayaka Oohara) & Wendy (CV: Satomi Satou)
Insert Song: OVA
Wings of Liberty by Erza [Download]
Opening Theme: 200 miles by Jang Keun Suk [Download] [Album]

Ending Theme: Zutto Kitto by Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano) [Download] [Single]
Hooh no Miko Original Soundtrack [Download]
Opening Theme:
#01: "Snow fairy" by FUNKIST [Download]
#02: "S.O.W. Sense of Wonder" by Idoling!!! [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Instrumental Ver.]
#03: "ft." by FUNKIST [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#04: "R.P.G. ~Rockin' Playing Game" by SuG [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#05: "Egao no Mahou" by Magic Party [TV Size] [TV Size -Karaoke-] [Full Ver.]
#06: "Fiesta" by +Plus [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#07: "Evidence" by Daisy x Daisy [Full Ver.] [Instrumental Ver.]
#08: "The Rock City Boy" by JAMIL [TV Size] [Full Ver.]  [Album]
#09: "Towa no Kizuna" by Daisy x Daisy [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]
#10: "I Wish" by Milky Bunny [Download] [Single]
#11: "Hajimari no Sora" by +Plus [TV Size] [Full Ver.]  [Album]
#12: "Tenohira" by HERO [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]
#13: "Break through" by GOING UNDER GROUND [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Album]
#14: "Fairy Tail: Yakusoku no Hi e" by Chihiro Yonekura [Full Ver.] [Single]
Ending Theme:
#01: "Kanpeki gu~no ne" by Watarirouka Hashiritai [Download] [Instrumental Ver.]
#02: "Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round" by onelifecrew [Download]
#03: "Gomen ne, Watashi." by Shiho Nanba [Download]
#04: "Kimi ga Iru Kara" by Mikuni Shimokawa [Download]
#05: "HOLY SHINE" by Daisy X Daisy [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Karaoke Ver.]
#06: "Be as One" by w-inds [Download]
#07: "Lonely Person" by ShaNa [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#08: "Don't think.Feel !!!" by Idoling!!! [Full Ver.]
#09: "Kono Te Nobashite" by Hi-Fi Camp [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]
#10: "Boys be Ambitious!!" by Hi-Fi Camp [Download] [Single]
#11: "Glitter" by Mayumi Morinaga Feat. Another Infinity [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single] [Album]
#12: "Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~" by Sata Andagi [Download] [Single]
#13: "Kimi ga Kureta Mono" by Kudou Shizuka [TV Size] [Download] [Single]
#14: "We're the stars" by Aimi Terakawa [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]
Fairy Tail Opening & Ending Theme Song Vol 1 - 2 : [Download]

Original Soundtrack:
Vol. 01 [Download]
Vol. 02 [Download]
Vol. 03 [Download]
Vol. 04 [Download]Insert Song: 
Eps 12: Kanashiki Kako by Lyra [Download]
Eps 40: Tabidatsu mono He by Mirajane [Download]
Character Song Collcetion:
Character Song 1 - Natsu & Gray [Download]
Character Song 2 - Lucy & Happy [Download]
Character Song Album - Eternal Fellow [Download]
Character Song Album 2 - Kizuna Daro!!  [Download]
Drama CD:
FAIRY TAIL ドラマCD VOL.1 [April 17th, 2013]

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